How to add Static IP address on CentOS 7

Add static IP addresses manually on CentOS 7 or Redhat

In this blog post, I will describe you how to add static IP address on CentOS 7 or other Redhat based Linux distros.

An IP address can be added by two ways -

1. Using nmcli command utility
2. By directly editing the network configuration file.

The Path of Network configuration file in CentOS and RHEL based Linux distros is /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/  in this directory you will find configuration file like ifcfg-eno1 or ifcfg-eth0 etc. where eth0 and eno1 is your interface name, which may vary according to your network interface on the system.

How can I find my interface name?
Just enter the simple below mentioned command, it will show your active interface.

nmcli device


As I have highlighted in an above image enp0s3 is my network interface.

Now, open the network configuration file with your favourite text editor vim, nano etc located at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-x where x is your interface name.

Add the following highlighted entries into the file and change them according to your network configuration -

network file1

For example
ONBOOT = yes
DNS1 =
DNS2 =

After adding entries save the file and restart the network service by using the following command

systemctl restart network

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